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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Milan train station gets 'Allahu Akbarred" in a stabbing spree

Facial hair "Mohammad style"
(Photo: Jihad Watch)
Italy -- Italian police are investigating a Muslim man who stabbed one of their own and two army officers at Milan's main train station on Friday. They're trying to figure out why he did it but sources say the investigation has to do with international terrorism.

Anti-terrorism police are trying to determine whether the terrorist has links with militant groups [What, Islamism isn't a terrorist group?] beyond mere attempted murder.

The terrorist, Ismail Hosni, 20,  (just call him "Ismail") attacked three men with a knife Thursday night after they asked to see his identity papers. None of the men suffered life-threatening injuries.

Ismail has dual Italian and Tunisian nationality and was born in Milan. He was obviously arrested after the attack and faces possible attempted murder charges.

In Italy,  Islamophobia is a bigger "crime" than attempted murder of innocent Westerners, so we can expect to hear about more jihad attacks until Italian lawmakers remove their heads from their nether regions.

Investigators closed down Ismail's Facebook page they believe is his, because it contained videos praising Islamic State militants. 

The Milan Police Commissioner Marcello Cardona [also unfriended him prior to shutting him down] said that Ismail was not "psychologically imbalanced, just very religious.

Cardona does not have a license to practice psychiatry however.