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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Muslim receiving cancer treatment in Israel wants to kill Israelis

It was filmmaker Josh Fox who said that all the Islamic terrorists need is love and they will lay down their guns and beheading instruments and sing Kumbaya. 

As I mentioned in that post, Josh Fox is an idiot.

Now comes a story from the Jewish state of Israel showing us how the Quran's imperative to wage war against the infidels always overrides the gratitude a jihadist might feel toward the infidels, especially the Jewish ones.

A cancer patient being treated in Israel was stopped at the Gaza-Israel crossing and was found with explosive material Wednesday morning. The material found is used to manufacture explosive devices and was hidden inside spools of medical material at the Erez Crossing Shin Bet, the Israeli Security Agency, announced in a statement.

According to Shin Bet, the material was found during a security check at the crossing in the luggage of two sisters, both of whom live in the Gaza Strip. The women were approved to enter Israel for the purpose of receiving medical treatment for cancer, which one sister suffers from.

The investigation indicated the explosives were sent by Hamas and they were planning terror attacks in Israel in the near future, because Palestinians pretend they're the victims.

The police destroyed the materials.

"The terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip, including Hamas, [aka Hamassholes] continue to exploit the humanitarian and medical assistance provided by Israel to the residents of the Gaza Strip in order to perpetrate terrorist attacks in Israel."

The Shin Bet also said the sister hid cash in her shoes for Hamas and smuggled tens of thousands of euros to terrorists in the West Bank.

Even the mangiest of dogs will not bite the hand that feeds it.

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