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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Berkeley students threaten to sue over Ann Coulter's right to speak

Students at the University of California at Berkeley are threatening to sue the school if they do not find the time and a proper venue for conservative commentator, Ann Coulter, to speak next week. 

All I can say is that it's about time.

Harmeet Dhillon (who doesn't sound at all like a privileged white guy) represents the Berkeley College Republicans. She wrote in a letter, sent Friday to UC Berkeley's Interim Vice Chancellor Stephen Sutton and chief attorney Christopher Patti, that if Coulter isn't allowed to give a speech on campus April 27th, she will file a lawsuit in federal court because the university is in violation of the student's constitutional right to free speech.

"It is a sad day indeed when the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement, is morphing before our eyes into the cemetery of free speech on college campuses," she wrote.

According to school officials (aka fascists) told the Berkeley College Republicans on Tuesday and Bridge USA, a nonpartisan group which coordinated the event, that Coulter's speech was being cancelled due to security concerns.

Security concerns has become the liberal veto of conservative speech.

Chancellor Nicholas B. Dirks (aka Comrade Dirks) said the police have "very specific intelligence regarding threats that could pose a grave danger to the speaker," her audience and protesters if the event goes ahead next Thursday.

Whatever happened to: "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to my death your right to say it?"

School fascists offered the afternoon on May 2nd, when they can provide an "appropriate, protectable venue" because school is out that week--there are no classes at Berkeley the week of May 2nd. That week is known as Dead Week--a time when students are studying for final exams.

Coulter spoke on "Hannity" Thursday and said that "You cannot impose arbitrary and harassing restrictions on the exercise of a constitutional right. None of this has to do with security."

In the past, it seems quite probable that campus officials in schools across the country are telling campus police to 'stand down.' This past February, Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak at Berkeley but rioters smashed windows, set fires and shut him down.

Just last week, the Berkeley College Republicans said threats of violence forced the cancellation of a speech by David Horowitz, another conservative writer. 

Charles Murray's speech appearance at Middlebury also saw riots in March and Heather Mac Donald, who wrote The War on Cops, was to speak at Claremont McKenna College but protesters blocked the door of the venue. She streamed the speech online in spite of that.

We have become a divided nation, thanks in large part to the last administration, race baiters and far-left fascists who refuse to allow free speech to exist. These aren't merely snowflakes, they are socialists whose strings are pulled by people such as George Soros.

And it looks like it's going to have to get far worse before it gets better.

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