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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Student satanists to ban Bible & sacrifice lamb at Clemson U.

Nothing to worry about folks, no Qur'ans will be hurt, burned or destroyed in this Clemson University display of Snowflake assertion of bravery. They just want to burn the Bible and kill a lamb.

The students at Clemson have announced (via a poster) plans to perform a "live bloodletting and lamb sacrifice" and Bible burnings to commemorate the building of a new campus chapel, according to Heatstreet.

I hope their mommies and daddies don't find out--they may cut off their tuition. 

The campus poster attributed to a student organization calling themselves "Clemson Unorthodox Neo-Satanic Temple (C.U.N.T.)" announced their plans at the CUNT Afterlife Party on March 11th. Hey, that's today. 

I'm sure thei acronym is appropriate for whoever came up with it.

No location was specified but the poster states there will be a live lamb sacrifice and a Bible-torching ceremony as part of the event. There will be a cash prize for the student who burns the most Bibles and a beheading for any student willing to burn a Koran.

I doubt there will be any takers for the latter event.

The "new Clemson Chapel" is probably the one currently under construction known as the Cadden Chapel. It's named after Samuel J. Cadden, a student who died in an automobile accident in 2015. One thing on his bucket list which he kept in his Bible, was to have a building named after himself at Clemson. 

There will be the names of other students who died before they could graduate engraved on the chapel.

The chapel is nondenominational and the cost is approximately $6 million to build, and half has been donated by students.

Because no location was given for the event, it may simply be that whoever made the poster sucks beyond all Dyson vacuum cleaners in the world as she, he or it (say 'she he it' fast) made the poster just to troll the friends and family of Samuel J. Cadden.