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Monday, March 13, 2017

Richard Gere criticizes Israel of which he knows zilch

Gere in a difficult role of an intelligent person
There may come a time some day in the distant future when people in the entertainment professions, actors, singers and others, will realize they know as much about world affairs as barbers knew about surgery a hundred years ago, and will stop pontificating.

But I doubt that any of us will see that come in our lifetimes. 

Richard Gere is now the spokes-actor for the Palestinian Authority and Hamas (which are interchangeable). He is criticizing Israel over its settlements in territory that Hamassholes say they want for themselves.

The problem is, no matter how many times Israel gives in to their demands, they always want more and more. The reason for this is simple: they don't want any Jews in Israel or on planet earth!

Gere, acting as if he is an intelligent, thoughtful person told the Haaretz newspaper that "Settlements are such an absurd provocation . . . and they are certainly not part of the program of someone who wants a genuine peace process."

When Israel defeated Egypt, Jordan and Syria in The Six Day War in 1967, they doubled the amount of territory previously under their control. 

But prior to the war, Israel expressed an ongoing desire to negotiate with its surrounding neighbors. On October 10, 1960, Foreign Prime Minister Golda Meir addressed the UN General Assembly and challenged Arab leaders to meet with Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion to negotiate a peace settlement.

Gamal Abdel Nasser answered Meir on October 15th, saying that Israel was trying to deceive world opinion, and made it clear for the umpteenth time that Egypt would never recognize the Jewish State.

Nasser addressed the United Arab Republic National Assembly on March 26, 1964 saying:
"Israel and the imperialism around us, which confront us, are two separate things. There have been attempts to separate them, in order to break up the problems and present them in an imaginary light as if the problem of Israel is the problem of the refugees, by the solution of which the problem of Palestine will also be solved and no residue of the problem will remain. The danger of Israel lies in the very existence of Israel as it is in the present and in what she represents."
And what Israel represented then and what she represents now is, as Nasser put it, a problem because it is the Jewish State. And as such, under the tenets of Islamic scripture, it must be destroyed along with all the Jews living there.

It was never about the settlements. It was always about the Jews, and Richard Gere is too freaking stupid to either know that or acknowledge it.

Gere went to the University of Massachusetts Amherst on a gym scholarship and majored in philosophy. But he didn't graduate and left after only two years. 

Evidently the Discourses of Epictetus may have been too much for him when the philosopher said that ultimately, people are responsible for their own actions which the can control through their actions--such as what happened to the losers of The Six Day War