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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Preet "I'm History" Bharara Trumped

He was defiant, refusing to resign his post, perhaps to be eligible for unemployment, as many liberals hold out for, or perhaps to dare President Trump to fire him. 

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, 48,  made it clear that he would not resign his post as requested by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, it was reported Saturday.

Bharara and 45 other Obama-appointed U.S. Attorneys were asked on Friday to resign, as is quite typical when a new administration takes over the White House.

The fact that Bharara was asked to resign, however, is somewhat shocking because shortly after he was elected, President Trump asked him to stay on board for the Southern District of New York.

Bharara forced Trump to go back on his pledge to keep him in office and said he would only leave if he's fired.

So, he's fired, Trump style.

Bharara got the old heave-ho Saturday afternoon. 

"I did not resign. Moments ago I was fired. Being the US Attorney in SDNY will forever be the greatest honor of my professional life," Bharara tweeted at 2:29 p.m. taking a page from Trump's book.

A number of Trump supporters may have tweeted back, but I'm fairly certain that whatever they may have told Bharara in 140 characters is not fit for this blog.

Let's be clear, the U.S. Attorneys General serve at the pleasure of the President. This guy is a grandstanding politician who is probably planning to run for office in the future--mark my words. But this is clearly a non story and Preet Bharara is milking it for all he can get out of it.

He has no class and is acting like a dinner guest who is told to leave the house but refuses.