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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Teachers Playing Hooky

Self-perceived, non-essential women teachers in at least three states are getting out of work today to participate in "A Day Without A Woman" strike. Organizations are urging their non-essential women to stay home because nobody will miss them at their unimportant jobs.

The march comes on International Women's Day and was organized before the election of President Trump. It is ostensibly a gender equality demonstration, which is most obvious in the United States and Canada, but it's never enough if you can make somehow it about Trump and blame him for something.

Although the march is inspired by women's protests in countries that actually have gender inequality, such as every Muslim nation on earth, critics say it is meant to denounce Trump's presidency.

The strike, which will affect the education of many thousands of school children, (no big deal) was created by the organizers of the Women's March on Washington in January, which drew thousands in protest of the democratic US election. 

This march is supported by leftist organizations such as MoveOn.org and Amnesty International, and by the abortion factory, Planned Parenthood.

On Monday, school officials in Alexandria, Va.; Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School District in N.C., and New York announced they are canceling classes in anticipation of staff shortchanging their students by attending the event.

The conservative women's group, Concerned Women of America (CWA) and others, criticized the event as misguided and unrepresentative of many women who think for themselves.

The CWA's website posted: "The U.S. has the highest proportion of women in senior management positions (43 percent) of any country in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (women comprise 47 percent of the U.S. labor force); the U.S. was ranked eighth globally in gender equality by the World Economic Forum; 24 percent of working American women are in professional fields (compared to only 16 percent of working American men); 46 percent of American firms are owned or co-owned by women."

They added that the glass ceiling was more a perception than a reality. 

The school closing announcements had many parents running around to make child care arrangements as many of these mothers had to go to work at their jobs, which they obviously thought were more important than attending an anti-democratically-elected-president demonstration. But those who were unable to get childcare had to miss a day's work to stay home with their kids.

Yesterday, the Alexandria City Public School district's Facebook page was used as a forum for parents to share their thoughts on the matter.

One parent, identified as Amanda Dehn Bowman wrote that she was "disappointed" in the district's decision to "cave to the massive temper-tantrum" from leftist groups.

"The only people who are going to be affected by this are women--poor women who cannot afford to miss wages or pay for day care," Bowman wrote. For parents unable to afford child care, she offered to baby-sit their children for free.

Heather Ignatius took a different stance: "I'm really proud that so many teachers want to participate in the Day Without A Woman. It takes a lot of courage. So glad these women are teaching my daughter," she wrote, obviously unaware of the definition of the word 'courage' and unaware that these women are not teaching her daughter--they're playing hooky.