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Monday, March 6, 2017

Oregon judge being investigated after helping illegal immigrant to escape ICE

Oregon -- Judge Monica Herranz is being investigated for allegedly aiding an illegal immigrant escape from Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in January. The incident took place in her courthouse where she let the DWI suspect exit the building undetected from her own private entrance.

The incident occurred on January 27th, and if it can be shown that Herranz helped Diddier Pacheco, 22, escape from her Multnomah County courtroom where federal agents waited outside to deport him, she will be in serious trouble.

But it all depends on whether or not the case is brought before leftist lawmakers now that everything, including lawful decisions, have become politicized.

John Schlosser, the attorney for Pachenco, said he doesn't know how his client left the courtroom but acknowledged both he and Pachenco knew there were ICE agents inside the building who might have been there to arrest his client as they passed them as they made their way into the courtroom.

"I found my client, told him that I'd seen ICE agents outside, that I had no way to know if they were there for him or not, but it was possible," Schlosser said.

Herranz is under internal investigation and she is cooperating with the probe, which is expected to be completed within a week.

Pachenco's exit options were limited to three doors: one for the Sheriff's Department to bring inmates in and out of the building; another for the public; and the third for the judge and courtroom staff.
Billy J. Williams

It is a federal crime to "conceal, harbor or shield from detection" illegal immigrants. The U.S. Attorney in Portland elected not to prosecute after ICE officials told him they were against an investigation of the judge.

Instead, the Portland AG, Billy J. Williams, a Democrat, met with most of the county judges and told them that similar actions in the future would not be tolerated. Uh, okay.

Herranz is a board member of the Oregon Hispanic Bar Association and remains working in the Multnomah County courts, but there's a minute chance that she could face internal discipline once the so-called investigation is finished.

Wanna bet she gets a Richard Simmons-style slap on the wrist?

When judges use their political ideology to make decisions, because they believe theirs is the moral high ground, they are no longer law judges and should be removed from the bench. 

Herranz broke the law if she allowed Pachenco to escape the law.

Pachenco was subsequently caught by ICE agents outside the same courthouse two weeks later following another court hearing. He has been taken to an ICE detention facility in New Mexico where he awaits deportation.