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Monday, March 6, 2017

POTUS set to sign revised travel ban order

President Trump is ready with the new travel ban executive order and is due to sign it today, according to Kellyanne Conway, the woman who shamefully put her feet up on a sofa and should be fired after her total disregard for decorum in the Oval Office.

The ban will temporarily halt entry of people fleeing their own hovels to come here for a better life paid for by other people. It will also ban a number of undercover terrorists who would cheerfully kill you, your spouse and children and your pets when you're not paying attention.

"Feet-on-the-couch" Conway said the new version of the order includes "six or seven" points that will clarify those areas previously poo-poohed by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, a leftist entity currently involved with trying to overthrow the President.

Chuck Schumer and his nostrils said that because Ms. Conway isn't certain about how many points President Trump will actually change, ("Is it six, or is it seven, Ms. Conway?") he said she should be fired.

Among other changes, the new order will exclude legal permanent residents and calls for Iraq to be removed from the list of terrorist countries that will be temporarily banned, until we know what the hell is going on. 

The new order will also no longer indefinitely bar Syrian refugees and their terrorist interlopers.

One of the main reasons President Trump went from "Celebrity Apprentice" to "Celebrity POTUS" was his stance on national security. That included stronger U.S. borders with Mexico and "bombing the s*** out of ISIS" along with other terror groups that face Mecca when they pray five times a day.

When he took office in late January, President Trump signed executive orders that temporarily halted the U.S. refugee program and travel from seven Obama-selected countries whose governments were incapable of vetting potential terrorists. As it turns out, for some crazy reason, those seven countries are mainly Muslim. 

Go figure.

So liberals such as Chuck Schumer, fought the executive order tooth and nostril. Identity politics temporarily won the day while possibly losing the future.

'The Ninth' has held up the orders since early February but Mr. Trump made it clear that he fully intends to fulfill his campaign promise.

Go figure.

"The vast majority of individuals convicted of terrorism and terrorism-related offenses since 9-11 came here from outside of our country," Mr. Trump said in his address to a joint session of Congress last week. (It was his most presidential speech thus far.)

"It is not compassionate," he continued, "but reckless to allow uncontrolled entry from places where proper vetting cannot occur. We cannot allow a beachhead of terrorism to form inside America. And we cannot allow our nation to become a sanctuary for extremists . . . That is why my administration has been working on improved vetting procedures, and we will shortly take new steps to keep our nation safe."

But the ban was blocked and critics argued it was put together in haste with parts lacking constitutional authority.

The critics apparently need a U.S. Constitution refresher course. It is definitely within the president's authority to do what he believes is necessary for national security. 

The removal of Iraq from the list of nations follows pressure from the Pentagon and State Department. They pointed out Iraq's key role in fighting ISIS and the White House reconsidered the original decision.

The new ban will likely honor all existing visas and Syrian refugees will be treated like other refugees and be subjected to a 120-day suspension of the refugee program "until we know what the hell is going on."

The new order is expected to remove language that would give priority to religious minorities who are being slaughtered by ISIS and other terrorist groups because of their religious status. 

"Just because Christians are the largest group targeted by Islamic extremism in the Middle East is no reason to give them priority. But if you do, we will take care of them in the refugee camps," said an unidentified woman in a full body burqa.

Interestingly, she sounded like a man.

So we will wait and see what happens with the new executive order. If it stops merely one terrorist and merely 154 rapists, then it will be worth it.

Unfortunately, you cannot prove a negative, so the effectiveness of the temporary ban will be minimized by the left.