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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Islamophobe teacher quits after munchkins threaten her with beheading

Sydney, Australia -- It's getting so that you can't even mention beheading anymore, or any other form of violence, without your teacher getting all upset and quitting her job. 

That's what happened at the Punchbowl Public School, a primary school in Sydney.

Cute little munchkins as young as Fifth Grade keep making violent threats and pressuring infidel children to read the Koran or else.

What's the problem?

A local newspaper received documents alleging that three staff members of the school have taken a leave of absence due to stress, and have received counseling and awarded compensation after being bullied by Muslim students.

One woman teacher (I can call her that as she identifies as a female and has the chromosomes to prove it) reportedly quit her job after it became too difficult for her to deal with the little whippersnappers. 
She said she quit after receiving death threats to her family from her Fifth and Sixth grade students--some of the cuties said they would behead her.

And she's evidently an Islamophobe to believe they would really do it--her bad.

This same teacher said she made numerous complaints in 2014 about the class' behavior, like the time they abused her after she stopped them from hanging a Syrian flag in the classroom; or the time she was pushed into a corner by the munchkins who began marching around her and chanting the Koran. (Perhaps it was the good ole "Kill them wherever you find them" sura from the Koran, which isn't scary at all, if you're not a 'them'.) 

Apparently, the bullying also occurred with other students. The woman reported an incident where a girl was surrounded by a "group of boys" who "called her horrible names like 'dog'."

The education department of the region didn't deny any teachers received a compensation (i.e., hazardous duty pay). But they swore on a stack of Korans that they weren't aware of any instances of religious-related violence at the school.

Guess they didn't get the memos.

"All NSW schools must immediately report all concerns of anti-social and extremist behavior in NSW schools to a dedicated hotline," a spokesman said, curiously facing Mecca. He apparently attended The School of Redundancy School.

"The Department of Education continues to work closely with law enforcement agencies on such matters. To maintain effective operations and protect the privacy of students, the department will not identify schools participating in these programs."

The Netherlands failed to elect Geert Wilders as Prime Minister because the West doesn't want to believe that any culture or religion can be bad. He wanted to ban Muslim immigration and even the Koran (which may be a tactical mistake, but an understandable one). 

Now France is next for the vote and Marine Le Pen is taking a similar stance as Wilders, albeit not as harsh.

If Le Pen also loses the election, it's a good bet the EU will completely lose its identity. Germany and the Scandinavian countries already gone that route and France is also going down that road. 

Another term of Hollande should do the deed.