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Saturday, March 18, 2017

60 percent of French population don't feel safe anywhere

The majority of French people aren't trusting of their nation's security situation with a full 60 percent saying they no longer feel safe anywhere. 

In a IFOP-FIDUCIAL poll, it found that 93 percent of the French believe the threat of future terror attacks is high; and 71 percent feel that security in France has worsened over the last five years.

Broadly speaking, 59 percent said they didn't feel safe anywhere, with about 24 percent saying they "strongly agree" with the statement.

The survey also discussed security measures and it found that 69 percent believe the police and gendarmerie are understaffed. It also found that the French overwhelmingly have a positive view of law enforcement.

A small majority (55 percent) wold like France out of the European Union's open borders Schengen zone.

A majority of French nationals (fully 88 percent) believe France should deport foreigners sentenced to prison for serious crimes, and 84 percent want the increase in prison places.

The French found Marine Le Pen to be judged the candidate with the best policies in keeping people and property safe (32 percent) and in the fight against Islamic extremism (35 percent).

With the loss of Geert Wilders for Prime Minister of the Netherlands, and his strong stance on Islamic terrorism, it appears that people have gone back to the thinking of 9-10, not 9-11. If France has not gone back, Le Pen has an excellent chance of winning the election.