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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Grilo beats a black hole in sucking

Dan Grilo cannot possibly suck less than newfound black hole that is the largest and brightest yet known, SDSS J010013.02+280225.8

Grilo mocked the widow of William "Ryan" Owens, the fallen SEAL who was honored by President Trump during his address to Congress Tuesday evening. 

Grilo was a former volunteer for leftists Hillary Clinton and former so-called President Barack Hussein Obama. He made the remarks after Mr. Trump paid homage to Carryn Owens, the wife of Ryan who was killed in a counterterrorism raid in Yemen last month.

"Our veterans have delivered for this nation, and now we must deliver for them," Trump said. This brought a long, loud standing ovation for Carryn, who was clearly emotional.

"Ryan died as he lived: a warrior, and a hero--battling against terrorism and securing our nation."

Although this moment was regarded as the most powerful of the night, Grilo got in the gutter by responding to the moment in a tweet in response to Matt Pearce of the L.A. Times tweeting:
"Sorry, Owens' wife, you're not helping yourself or your husband's memory by standing there and clapping like an idiot. Trump just used you."
 The tweet went crazy on social media where both sides of the aisle were enraged by the tweet. Donald Trump Jr. called the tweet an example of "Hatred from the other side. I would think this is beyond what a human is capable of saying to someone, but it's not!"

Grilo quickly apologized for what he claimed was a "poorly worded tweet."

No, it was an accurate tweet depicting this guy's hatred for Trump and for anyone who would vote for him or approve of him. In other words, this guy obviously hates all of America's "deplorables." 

The coward's account soon after went private and then he deleted it entirely. But other Twitter users archived his tweets and he cannot avoid what he said by trying to crawl into his nether regions from whence the tweet originated.

Grilo works as a principal for the Liberty Advisor Group in Chicago. But his profile page on their site has been deleted and the company confirmed that "an employee" had sent "an offensive and inappropriate tweet" regarding the Gold Star family.

In a statement , the company agreed that the message was from Grilo's personal account, but "his comments were inconsistent with the Company's values."

"Regardless of whether the comments in the tweet were intended to cause hurt and anger that they ultimately generated, they were unacceptable to us, and the individual who issued the tweet is no longer affiliated with Liberty," the statement said. 

The irony of the use of the word 'liberty' and how it relates to the Owens family was likely lost on Grilo.