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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Trump kicks Oscar's butt

President Trump's first address to Congress Tuesday night was watched by 43.4 million people on TV, according to Neilson, and who knows how many on Smart Phones and computers.

Of course, Fox News was the most watched of all TV for the speech, with 10,765 million viewers and NBC (Nothing But Crapola) came in second with 9.144 million. 

Among the younger news demographics (ages 25 to 54) NBC came in first followed by Fox News.

These numbers beat out the Oscar Narcissistic Actors Awards by millions of viewers and Trump didn't get it wrong like the Oscars did.

Below is the comparison between the Trump/Oscars went.
Fox News: 10,765,000 / 2,784,000
NBC: 9,144,000 / 3,286,000
CBS: 7,156,000 / 1,897,000
ABC: 6,065,000 / 2,074,000
CNN: 3,944,000 / 1,517,000
FOX: 3,076,000 / 1,383,000
MSNBC: 2,683,000 / 669,000
FBN 593,000 / 118,000