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Friday, February 10, 2017

Sweden: "Foreign language not-a-Muslim teen" rapes 40-year-old infidel at knife point

A Swedish infidel woman in her forties was raped and robbed Wednesday by a "foreign language teen" in a parking lot in the city of Malmö. The probably not a Muslim perpetrator was a teenage boy, who also beat the woman and threatened her with a knife using a foreign language, perhaps Hebrew or Hindi, but it isn't clear to the press who are sure he cannot possibly be a Muslim.

The victim is married and has children. She had gone shopping and was not totally covered head to foot, but wore Western-style clothing. She was planning to return home when she started her car and noticed the indicator light for windshield washer fluid was lit. She stopped to refill it and when she opened her trunk the not Islamic boy jumped her.

There may have been one witness to the attack who was passing by with a child but didn't stop to save her from the violence. Sources believe the passer by is a liberal who didn't want to get involved.

When the attack came to an end, the scumbag rapist and another male suddenly appeared on a moped, the victim testified:
"He then gave the boy a lift and together they rode off, after saying something to each other in a language I did not recognize."
No arrests have been made in the case but fortunately, no politicians who deal with the immigration problems were hurt in the ordeal.