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Friday, February 10, 2017

Merkel to expel asylum-seekers as German citizens wise up

Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel met with her governors last night to discuss the failed situation with asylum seekers in her country. It seems like reality has finally set in with her and her head has been removed from her nether regions.

Merkel's popularity has been reduced to the level of a Black Lives Matter anarchist at a pro-President Donald Trump rally due to her policy of welcoming over a million immigrants to Germany since 2015, many of whom have perpetrated criminal activity.  But generally speaking, criminal activity doesn't affect national leaders, only the populace. 

Merkel has to worry about the general election coming up in September--she desperately wants to win and will do anything to claim victory--even if she has to reject asylum applications which will make Germany safer. 

According to official figures, Germany rejected over 170,000 asylum applications last year but repatriated only 26,000.

The Chancellor has a 16-point plan where police would be permitted to detain people deemed to be a threat, with "federal departure centers" built near airports that will be used to temporarily house rejected applicants. There will also be monetary payoffs to get people to leave voluntarily.

Last year, Germany's asylum system failed to deport the Tunisian Muslim jihadist Anis Amri. He ended up killing 12 people in the Berlin Christmas market using a truck as the weapon.

And the beat goes on as German police arrested two Muslim jihadists who, they believe, were planning a terror attack.

According to recent study, over half of Europeans want to ban immigration from predominantly Muslim countries and none of these Europeans are Donald Trump. They simply speak from experience. 

The study, by London-based The Royal Institute of International Affairs, found 55 percent of Europeans in 10 countries believe further immigration from mostly-Muslim countries should stop. Over 10,000 people were questioned from Britain, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Hungary and Poland.