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Friday, February 10, 2017

PA bans novel for "indecency"

Killing Jews, no problem. Writing about sex, indecent.

The Palestinian Authority (Hamas' BFF) has banned a novel for "indecency." They also summoned the author for questioning.

PA Attorney General Ahmad Barak made the announcement of the banning on the grounds that it contained "indecent texts and terms that threaten morality and public decency, which could affect the population, in particularly minors."

The book by Abbad Yahya is entitled Crime in Ramallah and it is reported to contain explicit sexual content, including masturbation, which no nice Palestinian boy or girl has ever done.

The attorney general's office said it would seize all copies of the book because "it breaches both international treaties and Palestinian press and publication ordinance."

How rude.

Barak (not to be confused with our former president) insists the ban "does not violate freedom of opinion and expression," just like leftists who exercise their First Amendment rights by keeping conservatives from being allowed to exercise theirs doesn't violate freedom of opinion--as long as it is theirs and not yours.

Yahya told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed on Tuesday that his editor was arrested on Monday before being interrogated and released the following day.

"What shocks me is the speed with which this decision was taken and the arrest of the editor," Yahya said. He also said he doubted the authorities actually read the entire book.

There's an irony in the notion that a book that includes sexual content is frowned upon, but a scripture that includes ways in which a blasphemer is to be punished (cutting off opposite side extremities, for example) is revered and expected to be read by children.