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Friday, February 10, 2017

Psych-out, Iraqi Army style

If you are an ISIS jihadist and get killed in Mosul, chances are pretty good that you're going to stink, big league, before someone comes along and properly disposes of your remains.

The Iraqi army "warns" ISIS fighters that their dead bodies will be left on the street, rotting, charred, putrifying, fly-infested for all passers-by to see. One body is that of an ISIS fighter lying in open view, an unexploded suicide belt lying nearby.

The Iraqi army thinks that showing potential ISIS jihadists what a dead jihadist looks like in death.

"We will leave the terrorist there," Ibrahim Mohamed told Reuters. "The message is clear to Iraqis, to keep them from joining or supporting [ISIS]. This will be your fate. The Iraqi army will finish you off."

Of course the dead bodies are health hazards and the odor emitted from them makes that guy on the gym treadmill who never bathes smell like roses. The other drawback is that suicide vest could go off.

But the Iraqi army is willing to take the risk.

"We leave them in the street like that so the dogs eat them," Asaad Hussein (not to be confused with Barack Hussein Obama) told Reuters. "We also want the citizens to know there is a price for supporting terrorists."

The territory held by ISIS in and around Mosul has shrunk a lot over the past few months. The roads once easily traveled by taxi early last year are now populated with government checkpoints and bomb craters.

Western Mosul is still controlled by ISIS but is almost totally cut off from territory they hold in Syria.