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Monday, February 13, 2017

Cop who shot jihadist is a Nazi sympathizer

It's like finding out that Mighty Mouse is just an ordinary rat.

The Italian cop who fatally shot the ISIS scumcrumpet responsible for the Berlin Christmas jihadist attack, was found to be a Nazi sympathizer. Germany changed its plan to hail him as a hero, according to Bild newspaper.

There's a disgusting image of Officer Luca Scata, 29, doing a Nazi salute with a feces-eating grin on his face. His police partner, Christian Movio, 36, who was also part of the ISIS takedown, is also believed to have totalitarian views.

Bild published the photo of Scata and the new information about Movio under the headline "Doubtful Heroes." 

German officials have canceled plans to recognize the officers for their heroism, in tracking down and killing Anis (pronounced "Anus") Amri in Milan, Italy, on December 23rd.