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Monday, February 13, 2017

Hollywood idiots use London BAFTA to attack "idiot" Trump

People who pretend to be someone else (aka actors and actresses) disrespected the office of the president and attacked President Trump at the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA) in London Sunday evening. They used the event to spew to the public boring moral political lectures at an event that has nothing to do with politics. 

The self-indulgent leftist conformists, hosted by Stephen Fry, referenced Mr. Trump throughout the entire event, at Royal Albert Hall with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge present. So not only did they dump on Trump, they disrespected the royalty who had to sit through their lockstep opinions.

Fry's most notable insult was a dig at Trump's description of Meryl Streep as "overrated" on Twitter after she attacked him at the Golden Globes.

Fry said Streep is "one of the greatest actresses of all time," then added "Only a blithering idiot would think otherwise, Meryl Streep." In effect calling the President of the United States an idiot.

Then Fry walked over to the actress and got a kiss from her to which she said, "I'm so thrilled" as the audience burst into seal-like applause. Fry then went on blathering other unimportant sentences.

Then star of La La Land, a movie about how wonderful actors and actresses are, Emma Stone, followed in lockstep with Fry saying that "the world is going through a bit of time . . . divisive time," and added more 'blah, blah, yadda, yadda.'

After that episode others joined in on the 'hate Trump and hate conservatives' schmuck-fest with Ken Lonergan, a director, claiming his 15-year-old snowflake daughter woke up in tears on the morning after Trump's election victory and then went on five anti-Trump marches to which the twit Lonergan said, "I am very, very proud of her."

The audience got all moist and not one conservative tried to silence them, or start a fire, or break their windows.