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Monday, February 13, 2017

Geert Wilders most popular among highly educated, study shows

A new Dutch study by labor union De Unie using 3,781 respondents has found that twelve percent said they would be voting for Geert Wilders' Party for Freedom (PPV). 

In comparison, the second runner-up was the current party in power, the Tory party (VVD) at nine percent.

The chairman of De Unie Reinier Castelein stated:
"The mantra of the PVV being the party for angry uneducated white men has definitely been undone by this study. The PVV's popularity is mostly associated with anti-Islamic sentiments, but these results show a different cause, being an overall aversion of the current day political elite . . . There's a huge amount of discontent, also under mid-level and higher educated members. Trust in politics is low, it's elitist and distant."
The national election will be held on the Ides of March and Geert Wilders' Party for Freedom is still leading in the polls, although there was a slight decline from 32 to 30 seats. The VVD has 24 seats.

People in the U.S. who follow Geert Wilders know that he is a polarizing figure who is outspoken about sharia law and Islam in general. His 2008 film Fitna regarding his views on Islam gained international attention. 

He is also a staunch supporter of Israel which, in itself, is unfortunately controversial.

Let's hope he wins the election. The Netherlands needs to have a leader who knows a thing or two about the religion of peace.