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Monday, February 6, 2017

4 North Carolina "women" arrested for anti-POTUS graffiti spree

Four "women" from North Carolina allegedly painted anti-police, anti-Trump and pro-Black Lives Matter slogans on several businesses and a police car.

According to Boone police, three 22-year-olds Taryn Bledsoe, Elizabeth Prier, and Juliana Grainger, and a 21-year-old Hannah Seay were arrested last week and all were charged with seven counts of misdemeanor graffiti and one count of damaging personal property.

The police said the females caused about $10 thousand worth of damage.

A tip from High Country Crime Stoppers led to the arrest, police said.

"I stated this case was a priority for us," said Dana Crawford, Chief of Police. "Thanks to the involvement of citizens who came forward, we resolved this case in short order. I applaud the community for their overwhelming response. I would also like to thank High Country Crime Stoppers for their invaluable service."

It's time for the left to realize that Trump is our president and they need to get over it. Also, peaceful protests are okay. Destroying property-bad!

All four women face jail time and several tweets from President Donald Trump.