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Monday, February 6, 2017

Afghan diplomat killed by his own guard in Pakistan consulate

It's hard to find good help anymore, especially in places that boast more than one Islamic sect, or even the same sect when the faithful don't believe you're being faithful enough.

An Afghan diplomatic learned that the hard way. He was shot and killed by his own security guard inside the consulate in Karachi, Pakistan (or "Pahkeestahn" as former so-called President Obama pronounces it). 

Mohammad (can you believe that?) Zaki Abdu, the third secretary at the consulate, died of his wounds soon after the shooting, said Haris Khan, the consulate's spokesman.

"We were working at our office when we heard gunshots," Khan said. "Everybody was running in panic."

The guard was identified only as an Afghan national named Rahatullah, was taken into custody, said Azad Khan, a Pakistani police official and possibly related to Haris Khan, previously mentioned.

Both of the Khans said the motive behind the killing was not yet known, but I believe they are trying to Khan us into thinking it had nothing to do with Islam.

Pakistan has always been the centriole of Islamic scumbaggery, so foreign missions are generally given extra security and often hire their own private guards. 

The perp in this case, Rahatullah, was the diplomat's personal bodyguard and it's unclear whether the Afghan Consulate hired him officially, or whether he received 'extreme vetting.'

Noor Wali Khan Noor, a Foreign Ministry official in Kabul, and a guy whose name proves the lack of imagination this society apparently has regarding names, said a delegation from the Aghan Embassy in Islamabad was dispatched to Karachi to investigate the murder.

Pakistan's Foreign Office said police arrived on scene immediately after it was too late. The shooting occurred in the lobby of the consulate.

Pakistan Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry spoke by phone with Afghan ambassador to offer condolences and probably a few choice prayers. He also offered assistance in the investigation.

Both countries have long accused each other of allowing Islamic militants (aka religious Muslims who are intolerant of different Muslims) to operate along their porous borders.

You would think liberals would learn from this crazy lack of border policy, but they never learn with their eyes and ears, only with their feelings.