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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Pocahontas and Hypocrisy

Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren is the poster girl for dishonesty and is making a strong run to win the slot for hypocrisy as she presses the Trump Cabinet picks to follow [get this] ethics guidelines.

Warren was dubbed Pocahontas after she lied about her native American status to aid her career. She talks about victim-hood as an evil yet victimized an historically victimized group: the Cherokee, by claiming to be a member of the tribe.

Then she refused to acknowledge what she did and never apologized for her lie.

But that's just one facet to her lying past.

Pocahontas fudged descriptions of her corporate legal work and nickel-and-dimed the federal electronic court docket system while having an almost million-dollar-a-year family income. You can learn more about this at: http://elizabethwarrenwiki.org/

Warren even lied about being the first nursing mother to take the New Jersey Bar Exam.

Now she has the audacity to grill Trump's picks over ethics in her self-righteous bid for public face-time.
Note the tattoo 

Warren who took advantage of a loophole in ethics law to avoid disclosing $1.3 million credit line against her home is now warning cabinet picks that incomplete financial disclosures put the nation at risk.

Warren wrote in the Washington Post that "it is critical that each nominee follows basic ethics rules to ensure that they will act for the benefit of all the American people" [and not just the native American people of her tribe]. She argued that financial disclosures are necessary to "reveal potentially damaging information that may undermine fitness to serve" and said nominees with "complex financial histories" [like her $1.3 million credit line] need to be "forthcoming and transparent."

Elizabeth Warren is just one example of the left's unending hypocrisy. And the fact that she can criticize the same thing that she is guilty of doing, shows us how stupid she believes her supporters are--for once, she's correct.