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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Schultz grills Comey over Russian hacking

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, disgraced former chairperson of the Democratic National Committee, whose leaked emails supporting Clinton's nomination over Sanders, forced her to step down or else be fired, which would clearly bring her to tears.

Well, Debbie finally got to turn the tables on FBI Director James Comey on Friday and questioned him during a closed-door meeting regarding alleged Russian interference during the presidential campaign and election.

Wasserman Schultz (Duh-FL) was DNC chairwoman for over five years but knew that her days were numbered after the anti-Bernie bias was leaked in her emails. Party heads are not supposed to show a bias toward any one of the candidates of their party, but Debbie was all in for Hillary and would have dated her if one of them identified as a male.

The Hill reported that the closed-door meeting that included intelligence chiefs and members of Congress was tense.

At one point, a leftist Democrat screamed: "You let us down!" 

The questioners wanted to know why Comey withheld information about the hacking scandals from its members.

"Essentially Debbie asked, how was it that the FBI knew that the DNC was being hacked and they didn't tell her? He gave some bulls**t explanation, 'That's our standard, we called this one, we called that one' [she said] 'Well, why didn't you call me?" a Democrat told The Hill.

Wasserman Schultz said she won't discuss what went down in the meeting. 

Comey was "unflinching" when he answered their questions and this got Nancy Pelosi the goat perturbed. She said that his cool demeanor was being "condescending to members," because he refused to grovel.

Many Democrats are now trying to make the case that Hillary Clinton would have been our next president if not for the Russian hack. Not only would she have been our first woman president, she might have been our first president convicted of espionage as a new investigation looms large.