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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Sweden: Migrants turn shopping center into no-go zone

"Just not in my neighborhood"

Gothenburg, Sweden -- Migrant gangs have turned Sweden's largest shopping center, Nordstan, into a "no-go zone" in spite of the fact that politicians don't acknowledge they even exist. The youth gang intimidates police, harasses girls and openly deals drugs.

The local police say they've been forced to implement extraordinary measures to cope with the increased number of incidents that have left shoppers and business owners terrified. What those 'extraordinary measures' are, remains a mystery, because the police seem as impotent as an Obama red line. 

They have turned out in force but the gangs keep coming.

Jonas Bergqvist, a team manager of the city police, told local media: "We have seen an increase since last autumn, with mostly unaccompanied minors who are staying here in North Town.

"In the evening they deal drugs and violence between factions sometimes occur. If there are conflicts from their home countries, they bring them here."

And Sweden welcomes you and your conflicts.

Rikard Sorensen, a colleague of Bergqvist, said the gangs have become increasingly more aggressive toward police. "There is a lot of drugs circulating.  I wouldn't even let my son go down to North Town. There is a risk of robbery, but also harassment of girls."

Muslim males harassing infidel girls? Wow, that's amazing.

Like many shopping centers, this one has become a central place for young people to meet. And while some Swedish teens also engage in some of the incidents, the officials argue that it's the migrants from Syria and Afghanistan, as well as Moroccan street urchins, who are behind the huge increase in criminal behavior.

The shopping center was forced to close early on New Year's Eve because thugs threatened to set off fireworks inside the structure. About 150 teenager migrant kids surrounded police officers. "There was an incident at Nordstadstorget and some policemen were surrounded by a large number of young people and they experienced the situation as threatening and called for reinforcements," Bergqvist said.

There were also incidents of robbery and a shopkeeper being threatened when he tried to stop some scumcrumpets from stealing.

Mr. Sorensen was clearly against Sweden's liberal immigration policy as many of the foreign thugs have no identification papers. The lack of ID forced police to hand over the thugs to social services because they couldn't prove they were adults. "I've had people in front of me that look like they are 35, but who claim to be 15. I can't prove they're lying so we have to release them," Sorensen said.

Why isn't the burden of proof of age on the thug instead police? Oh, I forgot--Sweden's policies are liberal.

Politicians and people who make policy and laws are not the ones normally affected by the policies and laws they make. Obamacare is a one example--politicians on the Hill have their own health care protection and are not forced to get Obamacare.

Gun laws is another example. Politicians in the U.S. are protected by guns, either their own or by men and women with guns. So it's easy for them to pretend that stronger gun laws protect the regular citizen.

Sweden is learning the hard way, like Germany, France and the rest of the EU--when you take in unvetted refugees, you're going to have problems.

And why aren't any Islamic countries, like Egypt, Jordan, Sudan and so on, taking in Muslim refugees?