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Monday, January 9, 2017

Iran is getting a load of natural uranium from Russia

They aren't storing milk
Iran will be getting a huge shipment of natural uranium from Russia. 

The bad news is that it'll be enough uranium to potentially make several nuclear bomb. The good news is, we have a nuclear deal with Iran and they would never go against that deal because doing so wouldn't be nice .  .  .  right?

The big worry is that the amount of material Iran will be receiving can give them major leverage if we try to dismantle the deal.

The transfer that we and five other nations negotiated in the deal foresees delivery of about 130 tons of natural uranium in exchange for them to give up tons of reactor coolant, according to several senior diplomats. Any natural uranium Russia sends them will still be carefully scrutinized under the nuclear deal.

The transfer must have U.N. Security Council approval, but with 57 Islamic nation members it a no-brainer.

Although uranium can be used for medical purposes, there is more probability for you  to win the Powerball Lottery, then getting hit by a meteor on that same day at noon on a Tuesday in Times Square, than the probability that Iran will use it for medical purposes.