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Monday, January 9, 2017

Driver ticketed for warming up his car in his driveway

Roseville, Michigan -- A Michigan man, Nick Taylor, posted a picture of a ticket he received from a police officer for warming up his car in his own driveway. The posting thanked the officer who gave him the ticket.

The ticket was given because the car was left running with nobody around.

"I've never heard of any city ordinance of law like that," Taylor said. But everyone knows that ignorance of the law is no excuse.

It was colder than a well-digger's butt on Thursday and Taylor wanted to keep his car running while he ran into his girlfriend's house. He left the car unlocked with the key in the ignition and Roseville Chief James Berlin said it was a problem.

"This is purely a safety issue," Berlin said. "You can't do it. You see it all the time, people hop in a running car and steal them. Something bad happens when that occurs."

Of course, stealing someone's running car isn't a safety issue, it's a stupidity issue.

But so was the ticket as well. It shows the ordinance listed as 99006 but there is no ordinance in the city or state corresponding with that number. Under the description of the offense, it lists VEH/MOTOR ON UNATTENDED 895. Ordinance 895 is listed as being part of 'rodent control' on the Roseville website.

The local Fox 2 network contacted the Michigan State Police and Lt. Mike Shaw said that there isn't a state law prohibiting the idling of your car with the key in the ignition.

However, it is not known if Michigan has a law prohibiting men leaving the toilet seat up.