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Monday, January 9, 2017

Prosecution rests on the Roof case

The prosecution rested its case in the sentencing phase of Dylann Roof's trial after presenting testimony for Tywanza Sanders' family, a young man who was shot and killed trying to protect his aunt, Susie Jackson, who also died.

Roof stared straight ahead, showing no emotion as the relatives of his victims told their stories of what had become of their lives since the racist POS massacred 9 black people at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC.

Tywanza's mother, Felicia Sanders, said "Everybody at the church loved Tywanza. Everybody loved to see him smile. He would hug everybody."

His dad, Tyrone Sanders, said, "I miss fishing with him. I miss him being on the road with me. I miss the debates we used to have. I miss yelling at him, telling him to put the trash out. I just wish he was here."

I could go on with family testimony, but it's difficult to see through the water in my eyes. 


This is not only horrifying, it's incredibly sad--sad that we still have so much racial hatred in the world, and so much religious hatred. 

When the hell are we going to grow up?

Roof can get life in prison or the death penalty. As for me, I don't care which one he gets because if he gets life, he's going to be a 'hero' to the sick "Skinheads" in the prison, and if he gets death, then his suffering is over and that just doesn't seem fair.