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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Washington Airbnb host pull listings to avoid Trump supporters

We are at a point in American history where everything has become politicized and it isn't good for the country.

Now, in spite of its recently updated listing policies designed to discourage racial discrimination among its hosts, Airbnb hasn't cleansed its property-rental app of internalized biases--especially biases against President-elect Donald Trump supporters.

Now that Clinton fans canceled their January reservations for attending the Washington D.C. event, Trump fans are snapping them up from all over the country in order to attend the event. 

The cancellation rate for the Party of Snowflakes is around 70% but some DC Airbnb folks who have listed with the company now say they feel "conflicted" about renting to Trump supporters and are taking down their listings to avoid having to share their homes and properties with people whose opinions differ from theirs. 

One snowflake host who was planning to rent one of her three bedrooms to a Hillary Clinton inauguration guest said, "I have a visceral reaction to the thought of having a Trump supporter in my house. No amount of money could make me change my mind. It's about moral principles."

In other words, everyone who voted for Donald Trump, an obvious narcissist, rather than Hillary Clinton, an obvious incompetent, arrogant liar, is an immoral deplorable. How insightful of this woman.

Another host who called herself "Meredith," and actually looks like Burgess Meredith, told the HuffPo that she worried what Trump supporters would do to her condo, particularly to the "priceless" works of art she collected on her international travels. "We don't trust Trump supporters to stay in our place," she said--although she noted that she didn't mind overcharging Trump-loving guests (price goughing worm that she is) as punishment for their decision to vote for the person she didn't vote for.

But a snowflake who calls herself "Ellie" said she was "feeling afraid" of "the white men" who might want to rent a bedroom in her home. She said that she needed the money, however, and would have to simply "look past our differences and happily welcome them."

Perhaps Ellie will discover that all "white Trump voting men" simply thought he was a better candidate than Clinton, and that they are not evil "white men." Some Trump voters aren't even white and aren't even men.

It's amazing how the left has formed such horrible opinions of half the nation. But even more, it's sad.