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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Reid is leaving and he can't shut up

Retiring Senator Harry Reid (Duh-Nev.) just can't leave without a fuss. He accused FBI Director James Comey of waiting days before the 2016 presidential election to release information about Hillary Clinton's illegal private server to the public. Reid wants Comey investigated.

Reid, who is thankfully leaving next month, after an 'illustrious' career of clogging up the business of the senate, referred to a Washington Post report that the CIA determined how individuals tied to Russia's government hacked Democratic emails and provided them to WikiLeaks as a way to hlp Trump get elected.

"The FBI had this material for a long time," Reid said in his soft, soprano voice. "Comey, who's of course a Republican, refused to divulge this information . . . He has let the country down for partisan purposes."

Reid compared Comey to J. Edgar Hoover, saying that he should be investigated by the Senate and "should be investigated by other agencies of the government including the security agencies because if there ever were a matter of security, it's this."

Coincidentally, Reid is believed by this writer to enjoy the use of women's clothing now and then when he feels pretty.

Some compare Harry Reid to a rash that has cleared up but returns again causing an annoying level of discomfort.

Interestingly, when Comey said that no prosecutor would elect to indict Hillary Clinton, Harry sung Comey's praises--in that choir-like soprano voice of his. But now that further evidence came up that had been generated by Clinton's illegal behavior, Reid is singing a different tune but still sounding like Eleanor Roosevelt on a bad day.

Reid, who has used his position to influence the Obama-Romney election when he lied about Romney's tax returns, said that Comey may have violated the law since officials are barred from using their position to influence an election.

Republicans shot back by saying truthfully that Reid is a "disgrace" and a "hack," as they defended Comey's decision.

Thankfully, Reid is retiring next month amd the Senate will need to keep the doors open on Capitol Hill to avoid causing a vacuum by his sucking as he leaves.