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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Terrorists strike main Coptic Christian cathedral kill 25, wounds 35

Cairo -- At least 25 people are dead and 35 wounded after a bomb went off at Egypt's main Coptic Christian cathedral. This is one of the deadliest attacks by the religion of peace against a religious minority in recent history.

Two days prior to this attack, a bombing in Cairo carried out by an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood killed six policemen.

This is par for the Islamic extremist course, not just in Egypt but all over the globe where Muslim who are offended by other religions and lifestyles.

In 2011, Christians from Alexandria were targeted on New Year's Day at church--21 were killed along with others who were injured.

In this latest attack, Egypt's official news agency, MENA, said an assailant lobbed a bomb into a chapel near the outer wall of St. Mark's Cathedral, the seat of Egypt's Orthodox Christian church and home to its spiritual leader, Pope Tawadros II.

The murders took place during Sunday mass in the chapel as it was about to end. The day coincided with an Egyptian national holiday marking the birth of Islam's pedophile prophet Muhammad. Most of the victims were women and children.

A reporter for the Associated Press saw shards of glass scattered on the floor, blood-stained pews as men and women wailed and cried outside the cathedral.

"I found bodies, many of them women, lying on the pews. It was a horrible scene," said Attiya Mahrous, a cathedral worker who had rushed to the scene. His clothes were covered in blood.

"I saw a headless woman being carried away," Mariam Shenouda said. "Everyone was in a state of shock. We were scooping up people's flesh off the floor," and added, "There were children. What had they done to deserve this? I wish I had died with them instead of seeing these scenes." 

Although there were no immediate claims, there is one "religion" that comes to mind when I think about who may have done this. Egypt has seen a wave of Islamic militant attacks since the overthrow of Muslim Brotherhood dictator Mohammed Morsi. Although he was freely elected, Egypt got more than they bargained for, and now many of his supporters blame the Christians for his overthrow, rather than his increasingly abusive hold on all of Egypt's people.

But blaming Christians and Jews for all the wrongs in the world is the excuse Islamists use to kill them. This behavior has been going on since Muhammad was a corporal and came up with an idea for his novel.