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Monday, December 5, 2016

Now Kaepernick sucks 2 ways

Evidently, also his IQ
San Francisco 49ers quarterback and anti-American, Castro-loving Colin Kaepernick no longer just sucks off the field--he sucks on the field as well. He dragged his team down to a 26 to 6 loss to the Chicago Bears on Sunday completing one whole pass out of 5 tries, for a total of 4 (four!) yards. 

On the bright side, Kaepernick was sacked 5 (five!) times losing 25 yards with his total of minus 21 yards for the game. He was thankfully benched in the fourth quarter and hopefully forever.

His negative yards exemplifies his negative attitude towards liberty and the US. 

Not only does Colin Kaepernick suck off the gridiron, he sucks on it too.

The question now is will the 29-year-old communist dictator-loving Kaepernick get a new long-term contract this offseason or will he "move on dot org" his butt out of football?

Prior to this game, Kaepernick's average was about 275 yards and over 50 yards rushing per game along with time on his knees before the games began. This game might be a portentious look down the road.

Finally, this game was a major Kaepernick butt-kicking and a setback for the rapid running racist. Prior to the game, he told NFL Network's Ian Rapoport that he is planning to waive the remainder of his contract to pursue a new one, whether it be with the 49ers or another team such as the Washington Native Americans.

I believe he should play for the Cuban Missiles.