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Monday, December 5, 2016

Ohio prof fired for anti-Semitic Facebook posts

After "extensive consideration" [and probably fear of BLM reprisals] the Board of Trustees at Oberlin College fired Ass. Prof. of Rhetoric and Composition Joy Karega for anti-Semitic social media rants.

The Ass. Prof. came under fire after a series of anti-Semitic Facebook posts in which she blamed Israel and Jews for 9-11, the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack and the creation of ISIS. She was also planning to make a case that Jews across the world have caused global warming, AIDS and snow in Hawaii. 

For more on this moron, go here.

Marvin Krislov Oberlin's president, initially defended Karega's freedom of speech until he realized that it was going to cause him a problem, and then, after a "comprehensive review" and recommendations from multiple commttees and his input, the Board of Trustees voted to fire Karega for "failing to meet the academic standards" that Oberlin requires of its faculty and students.

"Dr. [really] Karega attacked her colleagues when they challenged inconsistencies in her description of the connection between her postings and her scholarship," the board said in a statement released Wednesday.

The anti-Semitic Karega told FoxNews.com that her social media posts were taken out of their original context and "grossly misrepresented" in published reports. She then went into a rant about how she is the victim and if it wasn't for Jews, this would be a non-issue. 

Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin, an Oberlin alum, called for Karega's firing in March. She said she was glad to see Oberlin finally take action. "Good riddance to Joy Karega," she said. "She was an untenured and unhinged loon whose anti-Semitic diatribes and barely literate social media rantings shamed Oberlin and all of American higher education."

Malkin said that when she studied at Oberlin, she saw similar Israel-bashing and anti-Semitism, and a "stubborn intolerance of diverse political viewpoints."

Ass. Prof. Karega vowed to fight the ruling. She used the "blame them for what they're blaming me for" strategy:

"I will challenge the college's decision and assault on my substantive rights through all the avenues I have available to me. The Oberlin community doesn't deserve this racist, arbitrary attack which has damaged the name and reputation of 'Oberlin.'"
Calling Karega out for what she actually posted and then her denying it, doesn't make it go away. Hopefully she will go away and maybe take up a different occupation. Perhaps she can become a leader in the BDS movement--it's right up her alley.