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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Merkel wants to ban the burqa: too little, too late

In a last-ditch effort to win re-election, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for a ban on the Muslim burqa wherever "legally possible," adding that the full Islamic veil is "not appropriate" in Germany. 

Merkel made the statement at a Christian Democratic Union (CDU) conference and received a big round of applause for her 180 degree flip. She stressed her determination to ensure that there will be no repeat of last year's migrant inundation [that she is totally responsible for] because she will do anything and say anything to remain in power.

Germany received about 900,000 asylum-seekers last year (that were documented) and a slew of them came into Germany after she allowed the flow of those stuck in Hungary to enter in September 2015.

Merkel's approach to the migrant situation has provoked discord within the CDU, and state election results reflect the reason why she is so unpopular.

"A situation like the one in the late summer of 2015 cannot, should not and must not be reepeated," she told her party delegates. "That was and is our, and my, declared political aim."

Any German countrymen who believe her deserves what they get.

Merkel is too little too late in the immigration crisis.