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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Melania worked illegally in USA--liberals confused how to respond

Mental hospitals are on high alert. They anticipate a huge surge of admissions by Democrats who are experiencing a dilemma over the news that Melania Trump, wife of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, was paid for 10 modeling jobs in the USA before having legal standing to work here.

How can any "true blue" Democrat make a case against her? 

Democrats love illegal aliens, especially the ones who they believe will vote the Democratic ticket before, during and after they become legal citizens. Borders? Schmorders. "Let 'em all in, they say.

But Melania obviously does not fit the mold of liberal voter and Democratic heads are exploding.

Melania was paid $20,056 in the seven weeks before she had legal permission to work here, according to twenty-year-old accounting ledgers and contracts provided to the AP. 

Democrats do have a case here, however. They can attack Trump directly and leave Melania alone. 

Democrats can point out the hard line Trump has taken on immigration laws and the violators of those laws. They can point out that if Donald had been president and the government used the E-verify system, Melania would have never been allowed to work here.

Here's what happened: Melania got her green card in March 2001 and became a citizen in 2006. She said through her attorney that she first came to the U.S. from Slovenia on August 27, 1996 on a B1/B2 visitor visa then got an H-1B work visa on October 18, 1996.

But the documents show that she was paid for the 10 modeling assignments between September 10th and October 15th, at a time she was allowed to be in the U.S., but not allowed to work, although she was permitted to look for work at that time.

The government can legally revoke her U.S. citizenship status, but unless Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, it is highly unlikely. That's normally done in cases of terrorism or war crimes.

Melania had an immigration lawyer, Michael J. Wildes, review her immigration documents and some of the ledgers at the AP's request.

Wildes said that "these documents, which have not been verified, do not reflect our records including corresponding passport stamps." He elaborated no further nor answer any questions. Trump's campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks also did not answer written questions from the AP.

As Election Day is just hours away, there is an odor in the air coming in all directions.