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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Hillary forwarded classified emails to Chelsea then bleached them

Hillary Clinton deleted a 2009 email that had classified information in it and which she had forwarded to her daughter, Chelsea. The State Department released it on Friday and it is merely one in thousands of emails recovered by the FBI.

Hillary has still not been indicted for this illegal activity that violates the Espionage Act.

The email dated Dec. 20, 2009 is entitled "Update." It begins with a message from Michael Forman, then-deputy assistant and deputy national security adviser for international economic affairs to President Obama.

The email, now redacted due to its classified "Confidential" content, was sent to Jake Sullivan, Clinton's foreign policy adviser at the State Department, and to a few Obama aides. Sullivan sent it to Hillary who sent it to Chelsea, using the pseudonym "Diane Reynolds."

The entire text contains foreign government information, therefore it was redacted. The State Department labeled the email a "near duplicate," which indicates that it was quite similar to other emails the State Department released to the load of documents that Hillary turned over in December 2014.

Hillary didn't delete other responses she wrote on the same email thread. "Wow--you can't make this up--sorry to have missed all of that! Let me know if you learn anything else," she responded to Sullivan.

Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky is a private citizen with no known security clearances. She is not privy to classified information.

Hillary has still not been indicted for this illegal activity that violates the Espionage Act.

It isn't known why Clinton deleted that email. She gave the State Department about 30,000 emails she said were related to State Department work, but she deleted 33,000 emails, claiming they were personal and dealt with recipes, yoga routines and Chelsea's wedding to Marc Medvinsky.

Marc's father, Edward Mezvinsky (according to a federal prosecutor) conned "just about every different kind of African-based scam we've ever seen." For more on Chelsea's father-in-law, go here.

The most recent trove of emails found on disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner's computer may have already contained classified documents that have no business being there. And while this may be a serious legal issue for Weiner's wife and top Clinton aide, Huma Abedin, it will likely be just as serious a problem for Hillary as her emails were also found there.

But Hillary has still not been indicted for this illegal activity that violates the Espionage Act, and one wonders if she ever will.