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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Black Lives Matter Plans to Disrupt Black Friday

This is what racism looks like
You would think that Black Lives Matter would have a positive view of Black Friday, but they don't. Rather than enjoy a day off from agitating after Thanksgiving, BLM plan to make a symbolic "BM" to disrupt Black Friday in at least two cities: Chicago and Seattle.

The activist group of leftist sociopaths are planning demonstrations that they hope will attact thousands of other losers (like flies on feces) who have nothing better to do than to be professional grouches. 

It is expected that as many as 2,700 lonely people looking for their soulmates may attend the BLM protest downtown, according to a Facebook page created by "Black Freedom Front of Seattle."

It's laughable to think that protesters in the United States of America believe they don't have freedom here. Let's see them protest for freedom in China, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia--you get the picture.

The FB post reads like this:
The event, "BlackLivesFriday 3.0 The Revolution Begins," implores would-be Black Friday shoppers to ditch the stores and join the group in remembering people killed by police in recent years. The page indicates that some 7,000 are interested in attending the protest, and another 8,000 have been invited. "WE NEED TO COME TOGETHER AND BE UNITED AS ONE AGAINST injustice, racism, oppression, police brutality and get JUSTICE FOR [and it goes on to naming mostly thugs who attacked police officers and were killed in their attempts to kill them.]
There's no doubt that an occasional cop goes rogue and needs to be disciplined accordingly, but to label all police as bad or racist, etc., is pure bullcrap and is simply leftist propaganda to create a state of anarchy.

In Chicago protesters are once more expecting to disrupt shopping along North Michigan Avenue (the "Magnificent Mile") during the shopping rush for bargains.

Last year, "forced many businesses to close earlier on the busiest shopping day of the year," said Crain's Chicago Business.

A local BLM leader said one of the goals is to "redirect" people to patronize businesses owned by "people of color."

That is a clear example of racism. That is disgusting and it's time people of all color demonstrate even louder with their voices and their wallets. Don't select a store because of the melanin levels of the owners; select a store that has what you want for what you want to pay or feel is fair.

Everything else is racism. 

BLM is a racist organization--make no mistake.

#BlueLivesMatter too.