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Sunday, October 9, 2016

The 2nd "Snifffle Gate" debate is thankfully over

The second presidential debate was a town hall affair. The first question gave the immediate impression that neither candidate was interested in answering the questions asked, but had their own agenda.

When Hillary was asked about what kind of role model she believes she is to the American people, she spoke about the issue of education. And Trump too never dealt with the actual question. 

When Trump was asked about the audio tape of him speaking to Billy Bush, using lewd sexual terms, he said it was locker room talk and changed the subject--that was smart.

When Hillary was asked about the WikiLeaks documents that were damning to her, she claimed that they were probably hacked by the Russians and their truth was questionable. But she still refuses to release the actual transcripts on the speeches.

Trump interrupted Hillary and this was rather frustrating at times, but overall, he appeared stronger than her and probably won on an emotional level. 

Frank Luntz said on Fox News, that at the beginning of the night, he thought it was "all over" for his chances, but after the debate, he changed his mind. 

I believe Luntz is right--Trump may have jumped the hurdle of this scandal. In part, due to the counter-attack he put up with Clinton, and also because he refused to allow Anderson Cooper to trap him.

I suspect the final debate later this month will make him or break him, but I think he still has a shot.