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Sunday, October 9, 2016

How Trump can win in tonight's debate, or lose it

Trump needs to apologize to women voters. He needs to apologize to his wife and family. And he needs to do it with humility and with no excuses. No "but Bill . . . " No "and Hillary didn't even . . . " 

Benjamin Franklin said: "Never ruin an apology with an excuse."

Just say you're wrong, and mean it with your heart.

Then let it go. (If you don't let it go, you will surely lose the presidency.)

Then go after the fact the media didn't get into the mud with Clinton, never confronted her over the WikiLeaks leak. 

Make it clear to the public that Hillary believes in open borders. That she wants to increase the immigration influx to the point where it will make America less safe from Islamic extremists.

Then go after her about her comments on the police and how she categorized them as racists. She doesn't support them because it would hurt her political ambitions with Black Lives Matter and the far left.

Go after her about the Clinton Foundation and how she accepted money from countries that treat women like possessions. 

If she goes after your lewd comments, politely say how you think it was foolish of you to say what you did, but at least you didn't act upon it like a certain president did and his wife attacked the victims.

But when you go after her, do it respectfully or you will lose the women vote, and thereby, the election.

This is your last chance, I believe. Don't screw this up with your narcissism.