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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Clinton campaign says with straight face that WikiLeaks leak is bogus

The Hillary Clinton campaign suggested with straight faces that the new documents released by WikiLeaks are bogus and that they would like to drone the crap out of Julian Assange for making such a false claim--but this time they're not kidding, an anonymous spokesperson said.

The new documents show Hillary's candid views about the middle class and Wall Street.

Clinton campaign manager John Podesta told "Fox News Sunday" that "They've put out documents that are purported to be from my account," sounding a lot like government officials going after WikiLeaks when the website released 700,000 secret government documents given to them by Bradley/Chelsea Manning of traitor fame.

As much as I deplore WikiLeaks and their scumcrumpet Julian Assange for compromising our classified military information, I believe the documents are as real as NBC's Trump tape.

Podesta tried to explain Clinton's comments by arguing they were acquired by "Russians" hacking into the DNC computer files in order to influence the presidential election.

While that might even be a possibility, that doesn't make the Clinton documents a "hoax."

WikiLeaks said there were thousands of emails hacked from Podesta's personal email account.

One document posted online revealed an internal review of Hillary's Wall Street speeches to survey any political damage her speech could cause her if they became public. (Kind of reminds me of Trump's comments going public and the fallout that is currently ensuing.)

Clinton aides figured the most damaging passages from her remarks reflected on the necessity of "unsavory" political dealing, telling real estate investors "you need both a public and private position." And she admitted to Goldman Sachs and BlackRock bankers that she is "kind of far removed" from her middle-class upbringing in spite of her touting it in her campaign. 

Podesta minimized the argument about Clinton's tailored message to her audiences. "She said all throughout this campaign she will crack down on Wall Street," fork-tongued Podesta said. "There's nothing that she said that she hasn't said in private that she doesn't say in public; she's put forward the most aggressive Wall Street plan of any candidate" [in spite of her taking $3 million from Wall Street that she doesn't talk about publicly].

He also said, without laughing out loud, that Clinton wants to crack down on that Wall Street culture in order to ensure that there exists no institution "too big to fail and there's no person that's too big to jail" [not including herself].

Shifty-eyed Tim Kaine the Democratic VP nominee also questioned the authenticity of the 2,000 documents WikiLeaks released. "I don't think we can dig in documents dumped by WikiLeaks and just assume they're all accurate and true," the rude interrupter told the Clinton News Network (CNN).

Other documents show Hillary to be a free-trade advocate, a position she had to do contortions over during her campaign. In the first general election debate she said she supports "smart and fair trade."

Earlier in the year she conceded that presidential candidates need Wall Street to back them in order to mount a competitive campaign. Donald Trump, of course, attacked that position accusing Clinton of being bought and paid for by Wall Street.

That's only partially true. She has also been bought and paid for by Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries who have made large donations to the Clinton Foundation.

According to another document, Clinton referred to Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) supporters as "losers."

And yet, in spite of all this, there will be low-information voters who will support her bid to become "THE FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!"