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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Dirty dirt on Donald

It's predictable that the dirt uncovered on presidential candidates will miraculously appear just weeks before the election. That's because the American voter isn't trusted to have a memory long enough to retain the dirt if it's uncovered too soon. But no worries--if the dirt is about a GOP candidate, the media is not going to let the public forget.

After over 11 years, NBC has come up with dirt on Donald Trump, just four weeks before the presidential election. The dirt is rich in its ability to grow hate and distrust. If dirt could get dirty, this would be the dirt that could.

What Donald Trump said about women was obviously crude and typical testosterone bragging. Anyone with aspirations in government or in the public eye, is stupid to talk that way, particularly with a microphone around. But nobody is surprised that Trump would speak that way about women--he's a narcissistic braggart and doesn't know when to be humble.

But what appears to have been overlooked by most everyone in this whole, disgusting dirt-slinging is the fact that NBC held onto this tape for all this time, continued to employ Billy Bush, and they said and did nothing about it.

Where is NBC's culpability?

Why only now is Billy Bush being told to hibernate, and perhaps will lose his job over this?

Guys often say stupid things like Trump. Nobody gets hurt, but it objectifies women and it's wrong . . . but when said in private, nobody is actually hurt. Not like the women Bill Clinton hurt and Hillary attacked. Those are actions, and you know what they say about actions and words.

This is clearly the worst choices voters in America have ever had to make. It's like: "Should I eat the worms or should I eat the rat tails?

Take your pick.

But the one thing Trump has going for himself is that his populist policies include real national borders while Clinton's call for the opposite. Trump may not be able to make good on all, or even most of his promises, but the bigs ones about borders, terrorism and immigration, I believe that at least, in part, he will.