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Saturday, October 8, 2016

De Niro wants to punch Trump in the face

"This is not a small hand, if you get my drift"
Actor Robert De Niro, in perhaps one of his finest roles, said of Donald Trump on Megyn Kelly's Kelly File, that he'd "like to punch him in the face." 

Fox Viewers gave De Niro a round of applause knowing that he only pretends to be a tough guy in his movie roles and only pretends to be appalled by what Trump said of women 11 years ago. But his acting abilities were so convincing that many believed he was being sincere.

De Niro's anti-Trump statements were so emphatic that Kelly's producers figured that it couldn't be part of the campaign. It was given to the Kelly File for airing and publicists for the production firm released it to the media.

In the video, De Niro really goes after the Donald, calling him "blatantly stupid," a "bull***t artist" and a "punk." The video was filmed before Friday, when Trump's lewd video was released.

Other celebrities have openly endorsed Hillary Clinton but the more intelligent ones, such as James Woods, have refused to endorse Clinton due to her incompetence in Benghazi, her use of an illegal server for her convenience that compromised national security, the Clinton Foundation and the covert way it operates, her Wall Street speeches, her hypocritical acceptance of money from misogynistic countries such as Saudi Arabia, the White Water scandal and her attacking the women who her husband sexually assaulted and/or abused. 

This was not a complete list.