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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Turkey suicide bombers blow themselves up--no infidels hurt

Putting pieces of the puzzle together
Ankara, Turkey -- Two losers, a man and a woman, blew themselves to little bite-size pieces when Turkish police told them to surrender during an operation on the outskirts of Ankara Saturday. 

It was reminiscent of a Monty Python skit, but the blood and flying extremist body parts was real. It was all over in a split second in a cloud of dust and a hearty cheer by police who were happy to be alive.

It was a self-sacrifice gone wonderfully wrong as nobody else except the two idiots were killed, and nobody even got hurt.

Governor Erkan Topaca reported that police acted on a tip and launched an operation to catch the man and woman who were suspected of planning a suicide car bombing in Ankara. They hid inside a hut at a horse farm in the Haymana district. The name of the tipster is not known but a witness claimed that one of the horses is named Mister Ed.

"Police called on them to surrender. They did not respond in a positive way. They blew themselves up before we could intervene," Topaca said. "Boom badahbing! and it was all over."

Gov. Topaca said that it was "highly likely" that one of the pair was linked to the Kurdistan Workers' Party of PKK. They have carried out a series of suicide car bombings this year, so it's a wonder how they get any work done.

"The organization they are connected to is not clear yet but according to information we have received, it is highly likely that (the man) is linked to the PKK. They way the incident was carried out and planned points at the PKK," he said, meaning that whenever they carry out a suicide bombing, they try to abide by safety standards which conflicts with the outcome of their work.

The losers had a Turkish flag on their car to hide their identities, much like Islamic terrorists who dress as religious Jews before trying to kill religious Jews as part of their own, sick religious duty. 

The suicide bombers also wore fake noses, glasses and mustaches, none of which could be recovered after the two blasts.

Turkey has been hit by a wave of bomb attacks beginning last summer. Hundreds have been killed and the attacks blamed on both the PKK and ISIS. 

On October 10, 2015, a total of 103 people were killed as they ironically attended a peace rally--including many Kurdish activists. ISIS was blamed for the attack.

Last Thursday, 10 people received minor injuries by a bomb mounted on a motorcycle that exploded near a police station in Istanbul (which was once Constantinople).
The Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (aka Bad Birds) or TAK, an offshoot of PKK, claimed responsibility and promised to try to do better next time.

Six jobless people have been detained in connection with that unspectacular attack.