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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Obama: We are at war with words, not Muslims

Muslims fear that recent incidents in which they went on killing sprees against non-Muslims will anger unbelievers and cause us to retaliate against believers in the religion of peace.

President Obama's administration has made it clear that the United States is not at war with Islam but we are at war with words. Rhetoric. If we say the right words, all will be good in the world.

This is why Obama appointed such eloquent wordsmiths like John Kerry and Josh Earnest. When these great speakers verbalize indignation over a suicide bombing, or a simple ISIS beheading, or Iran kidnapping Americans and holding them hostage, Islam listens to what these men have to say. 

Islam hears them and respects their indignation, often apologizing for their abject barbarism.

But is it simply a war of rhetoric, as Josh Earnest said this week?

Recently, a mob of Muslim militants entered a Ndomete village in the Central African Republic (CAR) a went door-to-door killing Christians. The UN confirmed the event and number of casualties. 

The jihadists, believed to belong to the Islamic group Seleka,  killed 26 people, deliberately targeting them because of their religion.

A local Christian leader said, 'If the government is not going to beef up the security, then we are going to defend ourselves. We shall not keep quiet as our brothers are dying."

The Christian leader was not talking about talking to these killers--he was referring to actually killing them if they attempted to kill his brethren.

In Nigeria, Boko Haram jihadists attacked Christians in Kwamjilari village after a Sunday church service, killing 8 Christians who stood outside the house of worship. Boko Haram stationed gunmen on the road leading away from the church so they could shoot those who tried to flee.

One wonders what the Obama administration would say to the attackers. Perhaps something like: "We are outraged over this brutal act of mindless brutality. This is not Islam. Boko Haram does not represent the religion of peace." 

Or something just as inane. 

In Spain, a Cameroon immigrant is now on trial for murdering 6 other immigrants by throwing them overboard while crossing the Mediterranean in his boat. He blamed the rough seas which rocked the boat on the fact that a Catholic pastor was leading the passengers in prayer. He and another Muslim (who later died) beat the pastor with pieces of wood before throwing the victims overboard. 

The killer actually believed that Christian prayer can anger Allah to the point of capsizing his boat. He is so religious that he attributed Allah's power to the rough seas. If that isn't an example of absolute Islamic faith, I don't know what is, but you can imagine Obama's mouthpieces saying how that doesn't represent Islam.

Of course it does. It may not represent all of Islam, but it certainly represents a faction of people who believe they must 'defend' the religion under all circumstances. It represents a faction of those who believe the Medina portion of the Koran that tells them to "kill the unbelievers wherever you find them."

This is not a war on rhetoric. It's a war on people who want to kill us. It's also a war on ideology, but that comes after we get their attention by killing those who would kill us.

It's time to wake up to the hard, cold truth.