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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Black man shot and16 Cops hurt in Charlotte protest

Charlotte, NC -- police warned Keith Lamont Scott, 43, several times to drop his handgun. He didn't; an officer, who wanted to go home alive that night, shot and killed him. Riots broke out and at least 16 officers were injured--one from a brick hitting him in the face.

Charlotte Police Chief Kerr Putney spoke at a news conference and said that police were searching for a suspect to serve a warrant Tuesday when they saw Mr. Scott exit a vehicle at an apartment complex; he was holding a handgun.

"The officers gave loud, clear verbal commands which were also heard by many of the witnesses. They were instructing the subject, once he got out of the vehicle, to drop the weapon . . . Mr. Scott exited his vehicle armed with a handgun as the officers continued to yell at him to drop it."

Scott did not comply and Officer Brentley Vinson shot him because the man posed a threat. Vinson is black as was Scott. 

Therefore, if these facts are accurate, it is a case in which a police officer determined his life was more valuable than Mr. Scott's, which, to organizations such as Black Lives Matter, believe that it is unfair to make that assumption. 

Had events gone the other way and Scott killed Officer Vinson, there would be no story--at least not with the liberal media. 

Had Officer Vinson been white, the story would not be about a riot in Charlotte, it would be about rioting in all major cities in the United States and President Obama would speak about it being racism, further dividing the country he claimed that he would unite.

Vinson has been on the force for two years and was placed on administrative leave while the shooting is being investigated--this is normal procedure. 

After Scott was shot, officers immediately requested medical help and performed CPR on him.

Protests on Tuesday in Charlotte resulted in 16 officers sustaining injuries and one protester being arrested.

TV footage Wednesday shows protesters on Interstate 85 apparently looting trucks and setting their contents on fire, which makes perfect sense to go after truckers and their companies. Some of the protest can be seen here

On Tuesday night, a larger group of protesters gathered near the scene of the shooting, destroying police vehicles and injuring 12 officers. Police fired tear gas to break it up.

What appears to be happening throughout the country is that anarchists are looking for any excuse to cause harm and damage in the name of any cause that has the appearance of legitimate indignation. Many of these protests are covertly funded by scum like George Soros and his ilk.

Not all police shootings are "kosher," but generally speaking, cops are not looking to kill innocent people--they just don't want anyone to kill them. But the knee-jerk response from the left has been to blame them first, riot and disregard the truth when it's discovered later.

Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts, a liberal Democrat, appealed for calm and tweeted that "the community deserves answers."

How does that statement sound to you?

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