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Saturday, August 13, 2016

What Trump must do, and not do, to beat Clinton

Hillary Clinton has released her 2015 tax returns and so did her running mate Tim Kaine. They did it to pressure Donald Trump into following suit. 

Although Trump has refused to release his returns citing the fact that he's being audited, I believe he should release them . . . under one condition: that Clinton releases the speeches she made to various Wall Street companies as well as her medical records. Especially her medical records.

According to the campaign release, the Clintons paid $3.6 million in taxes on an adjusted gross income of only $10.6 million. It pays to be a public servant obviously--servants get paid a lot more than their employers.

The bulk of the Clinton income is derived from speaking fees totaling over $6 million largely made by Hillary before her April 2015 campaign balderdash tour. She was "flat broke" before those speeches, she said, in another obvious lie.

Another issue Trump should tackle is the Clinton Foundation and the foreign influence that was bought via the donations it received.

But Trump seems to lose focus whenever he's being attacked and often resorts to using an ad hominem strategy to fight back. It's a tactic that works well in junior high school, but not so much in politics. 

Hillary haters gonna hate; Trump haters gonna hate too. What Trump needs to do is go after the 8 years of Democratic failures: the economy, national security, immigration and health care.

If Donald Trump is hiding something on his tax returns it's eventually going to become public. He may as well release them. 

But with time running out before the November's election, he needs to win over the independent voters because Trump lovers gonna love; independents gonna decide. 

How can the Clintons justify earning $139 million between 2007 and 2014? 

Finally, what was Hillary's plan as secretary of state (having only a private email server) when someone needed to send her a classified email or she needed to send one out herself? And why did Huma Abedin have access to her email server?

The way it appears is that the only hope Trump has of beating Clinton, if he continues with the same tactics, is if they cart her off in an orange jump suit. But I'm afraid that isn't going to happen and I'm more afraid that our next president is going to be a seditious felon whose main interest is herself.