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Friday, August 12, 2016

Shamed Dan Rather wants to spread the shame

Former CBS news anchor Dan Rather urged all his former fellow news anchors and lamestream media editors to destroy Donald Trump and his supporters. He probably does not mean anyone who actually supports Trump should be 'destroyed' in the literal sense, just shame them like CBS and he was shamed for journalistic malpractice. 

Rather reported in September 2004 on 60 Minutes Wednesday that a bunch of memos critical of Pres. George W. Bush's Texas Air National Guard service record had been discovered in the personal files of Bush's former commanding officer, Lt. Col. Jerry B. Killian. 

But when the documents went public on the Internet, something smelled fishy because of how the documents were proportionally printed and displayed with modern typographic conventions not yet available on military typewriters in the 1970s. The font used had exact characteristics of standard Microsoft Word. which wasn't around back then. 

Of course, this led to claims the memos were forgeries and the mainstream media got hold of them.

Rather and CBS lied, insisting the documents had been authenticated by experts, but CBS was contradicted by some of the very same experts they cited. It was later discovered that Lt. Col. Bill Burkett had lied to CBS as to how he obtained them.

By September 20th, CBS retracted the story and Rather said, "If I knew then what I know now, I would not have gone ahead with the story as it was aired, and I certainly would not have used the documents in question."

And yadda, yadda, yadda.

The reason Rather didn't know then what he later learned was because he didn't bother to check his source. 

Ruining a conservative was too tempting and he couldn't resist jumping at the bait. 

The left has even made a movie trying to exonerate Rather and liberals probably will believe it. But Rather wouldn't admit the fraud a few years later on Larry King Live saying, "Nobody has proved that they were fraudulent, much less a forgery--The truth of this story stands up to this day."

What a phony and a liar. If there was no way for the documents to exist in those days with that font, that's called fact. But facts to liberals is like oil to water.

So this is who Dan Rather really is--and now he wants to shame conservatives who support Donald Trump.

Referring to Trump's comments defending the Second Amendment, Rather (who is a hunter) said, "This cannot be treated as just another outrageous moment in the campaign."

Rather was absolutely horrified by Trump, trying to explain his feelings: "By any objective analysis [which was sorely lacking in his scrutiny of the Killian documents] this is a new low and unprecedented in the history of American presidential politics," he said. He was obviously forgetting about Hillary Clinton's failure to protect Americans in Benghazi, her use of a private email server which compromised our country's security, deleting 30,000 emails, and the Clinton Foundation's acceptance of foreign money in the "pay to play" fiasco that she will likely get away with--not to mention Bill's use of the "Oral Office."

The shamed Rather challenged the media to hold Trump accountable for his words [as if they don't jump at the chance to do that with every breath he takes].

"We will see whether major newscasts explain how grave and unprecedented this is and whether the headlines in tomorrow's newspapers do it justice," he said. "We will soon know whether anyone who has publicly supported Trump explains how they can continue to do so."

And I challenge the major newscasts to do the same with Clinton, and while they're at it, with FBI Director James Comey.

Think about the self-righteous phony superiority that a Dan Rather has--to to try shaming Trump supporters.