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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Obama exposes himself--as a liar

It looks like Iran has exposed President Obama as a liar. 

Big surprise, right? 

We would have never known about the $400 million  secret money transfer to Iran if the Wall Street Journal didn't break the story.  Once the story was out, the Obama administration repeatedly denied having paid the money as ransom for the release of four American hostages.

Iran disagreed with Obama. In fact, they aired a documentary made several months ago showing the pallets of foreign money they claim in the video was part of the "expensive price" the Obama administration paid to free the hostages.

In spite of the lack of proof that the video was revealing the actual ransom money, the propaganda "optics" was very effective for the Iranians and made Obama appear as honest as Hillary Clinton.

Imagine money held since 1979 by the USA that suddenly is "returned" 37 years later to the day that our American hostages are released. 

Now imagine whether or not the Iranians would believe it was a coincidence. 

Now imagine an American president thinking the American people are gullible fools.