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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Jihadist wounds 2 police, shouts "Allahu Akbar"

Southern Belgium -- An obvious jihadist wielding a machete injured two female police officers as he shouted "Allahu Akbar" which is Arabic for "Allah is greatest." The assault occurred outside a police station and the attacker was sent on his way to Paradise--his virgins await him.

The attack took place around 4:00 p.m. local time by the main police station in Charleroi. One of the officers suffered severe facial lacerations while the other was slightly wounded. A third officer blew the jihadist away. 

Hopefully the officer that killed the jihadist is a woman as it is an insult for a mujahideen to be killed by a female and will not go to Paradise, will not collect 72 virgins, and will burn in hell.

It was reported by the police that both injured officers were "out of danger."

David Quinaux, the Charleroi police spokesman, said the attacker had a machete in a sports bag and pulled it out at a security checkpoint outside police headquarters. 

It is possible that the checkpoint may have prevented civilians from being assaulted by the jihadist--we will never know.

Belgian Interior Minister with a cool name, Jan Jambon, said it wasn't clear if the assault, which he labeled an "act of barbarism" was the act of a single person or something more elaborate.

Ooh, ooh, I know, I know. It was an act of jihad, you idiots. 

Jambon, who obviously was either being politically correct or ignorant of Islamic scripture, said "We don't know if this is the action of a lone wolf."

Lone wolf?

There is no longer validity in using the term 'lone wolf.' When you have so many lone wolves carrying out terrorism for the same reason, you have a freaking wolf pack. The wolves may be in different places but they're all connected by their religious belief that infidels must ultimately be killed.

Jihadist bombers slaughtered 32 infidels in suicide attacks in Brussels in March. Of the 130 infidels who were killed in Paris last November, many of the terrorists were based in Belgium.

"Belgium . . . we have a problem."

Belgium Prime Minister Charles Michel did what has become a national pastime in the United States by our own so-called leaders: he "strongly" condemned the attack. 

It would be wonderful if our leaders would go beyond condemning the attacks "in the strongest possible terms" and actually do something about Islamic terrorism. For starters, let's consider calling it 'Islamic terrorism.'

"Our thoughts go to the victims, their relatives and the police services," Michel said. But what exactly does that even mean? How do thoughts go anywhere? What good does it do anyone?