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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Helping the helpless wannabe voter

Madison, Wis. -- Wisconsin residents who are unable to figure out how to get a photo ID before the November presidential election will still be able to vote and their vote will count as much as it does for other people who have it figured out.

U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman in Milwaukee issued a preliminary injunction that allows people who are slower or unable to leave their homes due to soap operas and other matters to sign an affidavit (if able) explaining what is their problem with simply getting photo ID. 

But Adelman is not allowing for that option for the August 9th primary as state election officials don't have adequate time to prepare for it.

"Although most voters in Wisconsin either possess qualifying ID or can easily obtain one, a safety net is needed for those voters who can't obtain qualifying ID with reasonable effort," Adelman wrote. 'The . . . affidavit option is a sensible approach that will both prevent the disenfranchisement of some voters during the pendency of this litigation and preserve Wisconsin's interests in protecting the integrity of its elections."

Findlay Flopwood, a hopeful presidential voter without a photo ID, told this reporter, "I am very, very happy with the lady judge's decision to, uh, allow me an' my kin to get the chance to vote even though I can't get me a photo Eye Dee. I been trying to get one but my 'yard car' doesn't want to start," he said, "so's I can't get me to the photo Eye Dee place. Even if it did start, nobody tole me where the Eye Dee place is at.

"But now I'm gonna get me the chance to vote and I can't wait to vote for Hillary Rottom Clinton onnaconna she's for women and gits things done. I too am for wimin. I love me the wimin so's I'm gonna vote for Hillary. Yo."

It was later learned that Mr. Flopwood's 'lawn car' was out of gas but his driver's license had expired seventeen years ago and the photo was unrecognizable. 

The hurdles these poor, incompetent voters face are, for them, insurmountable. They need all the help they can get.